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2015 League Information ...

League Play...

  • League kick-off meeting is Thursday, May 7th.
  • Get to Know You Scramble is Thursday, May 14th shotgun start 4:45PM
  • League play begins May 21st and will run until September 10th. The Rally for the Cure Scramble year-end tournament will be a shotgun start (11AM) on Saturday, September 26th. Banquet, awards and election of officers will follow.
  • League play will take place each Thursday from 3:30 - 5:00 pm. We will rotate front and back nine weekly with ‘our’ section of the course played will be closed to non-league members. League members may not play a current league round prior to 3:30 pm. Play is allowed after 5:00 pm, however,  non-league members will also be allowed onto the course starting at 5:00 pm. The league will try to stay on a front 9/back 9 rotation.
  • You must play 13 of the 16 regular season games to qualify for end-of-the year league prizes. Your best 13 rounds will be used for scoring purposes.
  • Two (2) makeup rounds are allowed for anticipated absences.  Your make up round must be played Monday-Thursday of that current week and your scorecard needs to be in the box by that Thursday evening.
  • Fun nights DO NOT count as league nights for scoring purposes. Fun Night is scheduled for July 2nd.
  • Notice of cancellation of league play will be sent by email from the course by 2:00 pm. It may also be posted on Facebook but this is not a guarantee. If you are unsure, call the club for further information.
  • Sign up for the next week’s round the week before, or call the Pro Shop to schedule.

Before Play...

  • Before heading to the tee each week, please sign in at the Pro Shop. The reason you must check in is so there is a record of golfers on the course, not for head count, but also for safety reasons.
  • Sign up for weekly Pro Shop games such as closest to the pin, lucky birdie net and skins - net and gross. Winnings are paid in Pro Shop credits. If you sign up for the game, it is your responsibility to report your results after play.
  • Pay your greens fees.
  • The pro shop will tell you whether we are playing the front or back nine for the week.
  • Pair up with other members to make up a foursome. This helps in the speed of play. A threesome is okay if no one is available at the tee to make up the forth.

During Play...

  • Please note that all U.S.G.A. rules apply to play, with local rules superseding. If you are unsure about a ruling, please ask at the Pro Shop for help.
  • Play 'Ready' Golf. Please refer to the following suggestions which avoid slow play...
    • Park all bags and carts to the side or back of the green toward next tee box.
    • Record scores at the next tee box. Do not record scores immediately after finishing the hole. You should record scores at the next tee while the other members are teeing off.
    • The shortest hitter in the group should not tee off last. This puts undue pressure on her to put her club away, keep up with the group that has started down the fairway, and be ready to hit first.
    • Putt out all short putts. Indecision and marking slows down play.
    • Carry two balls at all times – one to play and one as a spare. If a shot is hit out-of-bounds, you will be immediately ready to take your next shot (hint: don’t carry two balls of the same make and number…how will you tell them apart?
    • Your responsibility is not to stay ahead of the group behind you, but to keep up with the group ahead of you. This will keep play moving.
    • Don’t bother to “fish for balls” unless your group is waiting on every shot. Look a reasonable amount of time for your ball, and then move.
    • Two score cards are required for each round.
  • HAVE FUN!!!!

After Play...

  • Sign, attest and date your scorecard.
  • Turn one card into Rick with the game player's names noted with an *; deposit the second card into the League box located in the grill room.
  • Enter your league score into the GHIN system the evening of league play.  You may enter your score on the computer located in the Pro Shop or online (see instructions on the Home page of the website) or using the GHIN App. Failure to enter your scores into the GHIN system results in an inaccurate GHIN and Stableford points. If a player fails to input scores into the GHIN on a regular basis, the course pro may enter a default score of the course pro's determination on the player's behalf. This score may adversely affect the player's GHIN, so it is important to enter all scores that evening.
  • Posting of your score is expected at the end of each scheduled round.  Just remember to post your score when dropping off your score card.
  • Purchase 50 / 50 tickets to help support our league.
  • Sign up for any upcoming events, and pay applicable fees as required.


  • GCCWTL requires all league members to have a USGA handicap. A handicap is necessary in order to create league divisions and calculate Stableford points and to make the game of golf more enjoyable by enabling golfers of differing abilities to compete on an equitable basis.
  • New members who do not yet have a handicap when joining the league will receive one in one of the following ways:
    1. A maximum default 9 hole handicap of 27 and 18 hole handicap of 54 will be assigned to new members who demonstrate (after three or four 9-hole rounds) a clear trend that they are eligible for a 27/54 handicap. This will be determined by the scorekeeper.
    2. A new member not eligible for a default handicap of 27/54 will have a handicap manually calculated for her by the course pro. This will be done after she has submitted the equivalent of two 9 hole rounds.
  • Members will be eligible to participate in the Club House games after receiving a valid handicap.